Stand Up Djembe $450

Small tin drum $35

In ancient Takpa (Western Nigeria) the word djembe means “let me tell them about me before I get there”.
On occasions of important meetings, different groups of attendants are led by drummers to ward off potential danger such as wild animals and most importantly to announce the composition and likes and dislikes of their groups.

The musicians stop at a certain distance from the spot of the meeting while it goes on and after the meeting all join together for a party.

The African Workshop undertakes to make you a drum that suits your needs. Drums can be single or double ended. They can be strong enough to sit astride and can also be of whatever height you might choose. A variety of skins are used from goats, deer, cow, camel, horse and kangaroo. Each skin has a distinct quality and sound.

You can purchase drums already made or order one to your specifications.

You can also participate in a drum making workshop and put your own personality into your drum.


Small wooden hand drum $80

African Workshop

Sam Oshodi